Quartzfest Day 1

My alarm woke me up at 5:15 am and I got all my things packed, came out to the kitchen where my mother-in-law Linda was getting ready for work. Linda makes fantastic meals and one of my favorite meals is a southwest egg bake. Luckily she had some in the

The Twin Cities Cheetah Run

Living way up north in Minnesota, specifically Ely, we have two State Parks nearby. For me to do a close-to-home “cheetah run” (working from 5 KFF-designated parks) would take a long time with a lot of driving, mosquitoes, negative temps, snow, and other typical Minnesota obstacles. Fortunately, Range Regional Airport

Arizona Trip 3/19-3/27/2017

We had a great vacation with ups and downs but it was fun to get out to Arizona. We got out to the Grand Canyon which is truly something you have to see. A Parks on the Air activation was attempted but only 7 QSOs were made before we had

Spring is almost here!

  Asa and I are playing on the floor. He’s playing with a pretty cool toy and we have the MLB Network on in the background. Spring workouts begin today for Spring Training. This means the snow will be gone and in a month we’ll be in Arizona for family