Mother’s Day Weekend 2017

Mother’s Day is very special this year. Asa was born June 1st so this was Sarah’s first Mother’s Day as a mom of two. On Saturday I woke up and had to umpire two softball games. After I was done with my games we made a quick trip to the

Portable HF at Kawishiwi Falls

Today was a great day for a hike and some radio. With some debate about where to go, we decided to go to Kawishiwi Falls. Sarah, my mother, and Asa all came along. Kawishiwi  is an Ojibwe word that means “river full of beaver or muskrat houses”.  Native Americans, explorers and

Great Weather

Today the temp got up to 57.5 degrees according to the Spaulding Weather Station. Asa and I decided to head out for a walk to the mailbox!

Spring is almost here!

  Asa and I are playing on the floor. He’s playing with a pretty cool toy and we have the MLB Network on in the background. Spring workouts begin today for Spring Training. This means the snow will be gone and in a month we’ll be in Arizona for family