CW…Cold Weather?


I woke up this morning to -30 degrees. I saw the sunrise so that was nice. In northern Minnesota sometimes we just don’t see much sun during the winter. Currently as I am typing this it is -24 degrees.

So why is it so cold? I wish I knew. In 2014, the first winter I spent with Sarah, it was negative temps for about 40 days straight.


This evening I met my CW Academy instructors via Skype. I know Morse Code but I never was formally taught. I am going to participate in the Level 1 class to gain some disciplined training. I am very excited and know this will be a great time if I put the time into this which I plan on doing.

Do you know Murphy? You know…Murphy’s Law. Yeah, tonight, my MFJ keyer that fits over a Bencher BY-1 died right before my Skype session. So here I am bidding on a new keyer because the one I have appears to be older than I am and been through some rough times.

With my experience thus far in CW, I am glad to have learned it, I have made some pretty neat QSOs and have fun running low power. It’s also cool to think I made two way contact with people using Morse Code, something I never thought I would ever get into.

Well I just wanted to do a little typing tonight so here it is. Have a great night and stay warm!

73 de W0PHX