Mother’s Day Weekend 2017

Mother’s Day is very special this year. Asa was born June 1st so this was Sarah’s first Mother’s Day as a mom of two.

On Saturday I woke up and had to umpire two softball games. After I was done with my games we made a quick trip to the store and we got some groceries including a very tasty Reuben sandwich. We then went to the cabin for some radio and to enjoy being outdoors.

Getting some SSB in.

As you could guess the bands weren’t too great but I was able to work a fellow Parks on the Air Ham, Brian KØATZ, who was out activating parks in Missouri. Next up on the log was Chris KG7VLX, who was out on a summit in Idaho for a Summits on the Air activation. I then had a good rag chew with Ted W7KEY down in Tucson Arizona. George N6GWH was out mobile in California and we chatted for a bit. I heard Luciano EA8AM calling CQ from the Canary Islands and was able to make a 55 exchange with him. The Arkansas QSO party was happening and I made a QSO with W6NJB. After that Arkansas QSO we went back home and grilled some steak.

Mother’s Day approached and I needed sleep as I worked the night before. This worked out good because Sarah went to pick up Asher from his dad. Noon came around and Sarah woke me up with a kiss and we decided to go hiking.

Hiking Bass Lake Trail to Dry Falls

The Bass Lake Trail hike was very fun and we were able to see a lot of the storm damage from a severe thunderstorm that occurred last July. We ran into another family out on the trail. I recognized the leader as my high school biology teacher. We all had the same idea for a Mother’s Day hike. After a short distance we were at Dry Falls.

Sarah, Asher, and Asa at Dry Falls

This is one of our favorite local hikes because it’s so close to our house. There is a longer loop trail but we had some baseball and dinner waiting at home so we returned to the Jeep.

We got home, played catch, did some batting practice, and had ANOTHER steak dinner. My mom makes some of the best steak so we welcomed a consecutive steak dinner with no protest.  This was a fun weekend and I think both Sarah and my mom had a great time. They sure deserve it!