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Portable HF at Kawishiwi Falls

February 16, 2017 Comments Off on VHF, UHF, Echolink, Wires-X Ham Radio

VHF, UHF, Echolink, Wires-X

Every shack needs some love from the world of VHF and UHF.I even rigged up some nodes to Echolink and Wires-X. Let me give you the tour.

The top radio is the Yaesu FTM-3200DR which I run as an Echolink node. This radio puts out 65 watts and if you are fortunate to have a digital Fusion repeater or buddies with Yaesu C4FM radios, you can utilize the digital function of this radio.

The bottom radio is the Yaesu FTM-100DR which is my main base station radio. I can easily change it to a node radio for Wires-X. This radio also does APRS. With this radio paired with a Yaesu HRI-200, I can connect to internet linked repeaters and nodes. I can then use my Yaesu FT2DR or my Yaesu FTM-400XDR to talk either analog or by C4FM Digital.

Having these nodes allows me to connect back home when traveling. This also allows other hams to connect elsewhere.

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