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February 13, 2017 Comments Off on Spring is almost here! Ham Radio, Life, Travel

Spring is almost here!


Asa and I are playing on the floor. He’s playing with a pretty cool toy and we have the MLB Network on in the background.

Spring workouts begin today for Spring Training. This means the snow will be gone and in a month we’ll be in Arizona for family time, great food, and ham radio.

Arizona feels like home for us and one day we’ll make it home. We keep pretty busy when we go there. I’ll be looking forward to seeing my friends that I’ve made over Ham Radio. I meet up with a group in Sun City, many whom I first talked to over Wires-X. I am also a member of the Maricopa Amateur Radio Association. This club has welcomed me and did my General Exam for me. In March I will be demoing portable HF operating to their club.

73 de WØPHX

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